Monday, 28 February 2011

This morning at 11.00AM?! They say it's time to talk about sex?!

This Morning at 11am discussed the results of a sex survey on the show.
Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langsford looked lost and didn't seem to know where to look when sex therapist Jo Hemmings and Dr Pixie McKenna showed up on the show with vibrators on the ITV program to chat about keeping things 'hot' in the bedroom.
With the soundtrack of sexual healing in the background and a breathy voice over the results of This Morning’s sex survey 2011, were shown to the viewers at home.
Philip Schofield staggered over his words whilst discussing that 20% of male respondents to the survey had admitted to faking an orgasm.
Viewers watched a couple demonstrating a sexual position, he joked: 'Glad she's kept her stockings on, there's only so far we're allowed to go.

At one point during the show another couple sat on a bed with handcuffs, a feather boa and blindfold, demonstrating how to use role play in the bedroom.

Inapproriate? Close-up of bedroom scenes were shown.

What are your thoughts about todays program? Is 11am a time to be talking and discussing sex?


  1. It's funny how music videos get banned from telly because they're 'inappropriate' but crap like this is allowed? 11am - that's taking the p***.

    btw great blog and keep posting! :)

    Malisha x

  2. Hhha, I wish I had seen this. TBH I think is totally inappropriate and the channel should take a full responsibility for letting this happen. I bet some parents were asked some serious questions from their kids today. From the other side, I think that people are just not used to see something like this in a morning show that is why there is such a buzz on this matter.