Thursday, 2 December 2010

Digital Death: 01.12.10 Celebs 'die' for charity

There have been all sorts of interesting awareness campaigns happening across the world to support World AIDS Day. In the US they’ve been running a campaign called “Digital Death
were the worlds top tweeters are making the ultimate sacrifice by leaving their 30 million followers in the dark until $1,000,000 is raised to buy their digital lives back.

I think this is a great idea from all the celebrities which include Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian only to name a few but its not working fans have only donated $181, 260... nowhere near what they want. Of course, US fans are only just starting to feel deprived. Imagine how much more money they’ll donate in another 24 hours when they start going into gossip withdrawal! I'm having widrawal symptons from Kim Kardashian's twitter!! I'll keep you posted when they reach $1,000,000!

Here's how you can help visit: and donate.

What are your ideas on this campaign?

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  1. Mel, you say you're feeling the gossip withdrawl symptoms, but as a follower of one of these celebrities, was it enough to get you to donate?