Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ultra slim Ann Ward Wins America’s Next Top Model

Ultra slim Ann Ward, has won cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model. When she was first seen to be competing on the show, her extremely thin figure was used in the trailer, showing one of the male judge’s hands encircling her waist (yes, it really is that small!)
The show’s boss, Tyra Banks says she does not endorse the idealization of thin women, the fact that Ann Ward won her show sends a completely different message.

What message is Tyra Banks sending ? 

A lot of small young girls, aspiring models who are struggling with their body image watch America's Next top Model, and what messgae did Ann Ward winning send to them??


  1. I blame TV for all sorts of issues when it comes to women and body image. But, this "victory" is just plain sick. Do the producers have no social conscience? They should never have let someone who looks like they have an eating disorder compete in the first place!

  2. I completely agree with Catherine! Also if Tyra does not agree with this body image then how can she allow contestants of that size to participate.

    I think there are such mixed messages going around about models that I believe when fashion designers say they do not support size 0 its all a bunch of lies to keep them from the bad press.

    This type of attitude is as bad as letting Amy Winehouse win awards when everyone knew she was on drugs. But it just shows that the rules can be bent when urrich or when the entertainment being produced out of it is making money

  3. Thank you Catherine and Ines for you comments.

    I completely agree with you both. I do blame media for one of the main reasons for men and women having so many body issues.

    I enjoy watching Britain's Next Top model and America's Next Top model but the contestants they are putting on the show are not real women and they shouldn't be allowed to go on a show if they're under their BMI.

    I think that its awful that the producers of this show chose to show this girl on the trailer to shock viewers and to get more people watching but then for her to win the show its not right and its not sending out the right message to these young girls and boys who are watching these programs and perhaps want to go in to modeling.

    Models don't need to be stick thin to be on the cover of a magazine or on a catwalk. I believe that real women who have curves in all the right places are the ones who look great and should be put on the covers of these magazines and catwalks not these stick thin 00 girls.

    So many campaigns to stop this and its still happening, more needs to be done!