Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rioting students

Rioting students stormed a building which housed the Tory party headquarters, as a national demonstration against tuition fees turned into violence. Hundreds of people were evacuated from Millbank Tower in central London after yobs smashed windows, fought police and set fire to placecards.

Dozens of students headed to the roof of the building and hurled a fire extenguisher off the side and concrete. I was watching it live on the BBC news and it all got out of hand. On the ground, sticks and other missiles were thrown at police from a crowd of at least 1,000. Eight people were taken to hospital with injuries, and a number of arrests took place.

An estimated 50,000 students and lecturers were taking part in the protest against Government plans to cut university funding and charge students up to £9,000 per year in tuition fees from 2012.
The demonstration, which was organised by the National Union of Students and the University and College Union, started peacefully, with the students marching from Whitehall past Downing Street and Parliament. But around an hour after the protest started, violence started at Millbank Tower.
These are some images of the protest below from the today please share your comments below:
Gallery Image
Gallery Image

Do you think all these protesters were students? Do you think that this protest will change anything?


  1. I think more than a half of these vandals were just random people that used an opportunity to "hang around".
    Will they change anything - they might though

  2. Thanks for getting back to me on this one i really wanted to know what people think. I think it won't change anything but i hope it does but it shouldn't have needed something like this to happen for it to change.

  3. 2012 ??? I’m not surprised this year is promises to be the end of the world... the end for some unlucky young people who will not be able to do a university degree. There is nothing we can do, I believe that the government have right to do what they think is right, so all this mess is just a waist of taxpayers money, if u know what I mean?!