Monday, 8 November 2010

When would YOU kill someone?

Every week in Ethics, Issues and crisis management we have a facilitated discussion and this week the question was: Is it ethical to kill? The four subjects which were discussed were: Police shootings, Euthanasia, Abortion and mercy killings. This facilitated discussion went on for over an hour as it touched on very sensitive subjects and everyone had a lot to say. Now i put this moral dilemma to you:


First Situation

You are told that if you kill one healthy person, his organs will be used to save the lives of six others. It is 100% guaranteed that those six will be saved if you kill him, otherwise they will definitely die.

What would you do?

Second situation

A terrorist has taken you hostage. He gives you a gun (you don't have the option to shoot him) and he tells you that if you shoot one person, he will let six go free. If you don't shoot one person, he will kill six, and if you shoot yourself, he will kill everyone.

What would you do?

Third Situation

There is a runaway train that you cannot stop, and you're in charge of the rail way system. Coming up In front of the train the track splits into two, and you have to make a decision to send the train left or right. However, on the left track there is one person tied down on to the tracks and on right track, there are six people tied down. Sending the train down either track will kill either one person or six people tied to the track.

What would you do?


  1. First Situation: I would not kill a healthy person to save 6 unhealthy people. Firstly I don't know why those people are sick and secondly maybe they themselves and people close to them have come to terms with their illness. Aso, is it garanteed that if one gets given an organ that they will stay healthy anyway? The person who is healthy is lucky and should not be punished for other people's fate!

    Second situation: I would shoot one person, probably the eldest one or the one that seems less valuable to society (haha i sound cruel). it's better than to shoot myself because i cant make up my mind and then everyone gets killed.

    Third Situation:

    I would go to the track with 1 person ofcourse if there is nothing I can do to stop the train!

  2. Second situation makes me think about cruel stuff as well Iness... But I would do the same, kill one person so six ppl can go. Hope it is a honest terrorist though...